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The operations of the society have developed over the course of 4 years and as the society has passed from one hand to another the spirit has remained the same and this year we hope to maximise on this with a clear message. "A society for a new kind of entrepreneurship, by the student for the student".

After all, this is the decade of the entrepreneur and as a society we are in an ideal position to influence and better the student entrepreneur. Based in once a powerful industrious city, Coventry’s main export is now the entrepreneur. And backed by an entrepreneurial university it is what we aim to operate that contributes to this city's rich and valuable export.

The Mission

To create a society that is not business orientated, does not involve any finance and legalities, but is exciting and influential, is positive for the student,
and is an experience that you want to return to.

The Plan

How we help to achieve our mission relies on a passionate and enterprising attitude from everyone along with a supportive series of events and specialist tools running throughout the academic year.

We have created a year's worth of events designed to attract attention on a national scale and lined up influential speakers and networking ideas that will leave a positive lasting impression.

As we work closely with major brands and sponsors helping to support the student entrepreneur, we encourage more and more students to become a part of what we have to offer. Whether you're an art or media student or a computer science graduate, life is a game. Be enterprising and discover your inner entrepreneur and join us.