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Welcome to Exclusivity

Each one of our members is individually acknowledged with one of our exclusive members cards which provides privileged access to events, workshops and access to funding.

Your more than just a name on paper, we what you to feel part of something special, something a bit more exciting than a student union society and this is why we have invested in our exclusive cards printed to ISO Credit Card standards.

But it's not about the card, It's about what your card gets you and after 2 years of planning we have decided to give you as much as possible for as little cost. Including 100% return on the membership cost just for signing up.

Each member of the society will get unprecedented access to every major event and workshop, and with great competitions and major events your membership equals value.

Your exclusive card features a unique identification number with a valid from and expiry date. This unique identification number allows you to gain free access to events and workshops when booking tickets online and attending events.

But that's not all, you also get an exclusive bag of goodies containing stationery, keyring, chocolates, a copy of the Entreprenuer Magazine and a free Splat Card.

So what exactly do you get for signing up with us.

  • An exclusive Members Card.
  • An amazing bag of goodies and business stuff.
  • Free access to events and workshops all year.
  • Free consultation and mentoring.

You get all of this from just under a tenner. Wow!

  • £9.95 - Coventry University Students
  • £14.95 - NUS Students
  • £24.95 - Non Students

So what's the catch? Well… there is no catch! it's simple, if you are a member of the society then you must participate in attending events, we want you there, we want to see your face and help you to engage with others and their businesses or ideas. This is the first step to developing yourself as an entreprenuer.

And what happens if I don't attend? Well that's simple to, if you decided that the society is not for you and you don't want to be a part of it you must hand your membership card back to us and cancel your membership as places are limited.

Registration Process

If you are a Coventry University Student, you must signup through the Student Union in order for us to maintain our Society status and be insured by the University. All the details for this sign up process are detailed below.
If you are a non university student then you can purchase your membership card directly from the Store.

  • Purchase Your Membership

    Join through the CUSU at Sign in or create your account.
    Select Students in Business, continue and pay with your debit/ credit card.

  • Collect Your Membership Card

    Once you have signed up and paid your membership with the CUSU you must print or collect a receipt of your purchase and bring it to the IAE Office in the Hubs Add+ Vantage Office to recieve your Membership Bag and your exclusive Members Card

  • Sign Up and Register

    Put that Membership Card to use and start by registering it here on our website so we can keep you updated.