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The Hub is the place to be this year, the brand new multi-million pound development (£32m to be precise) initially named the Student Enterprise Building is a home for the fellow entrepreneur. Its social and engaging design makes it the perfect meeting place for doing business on a student to student level. It's also the home of our supporting partner the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship and the University's business mentors. As much as we would also like our own office here we will have to settle for one of the many Pods that are available to book for meetings with friends and colleagues. Fortunately we have secured are own Pod number F15 on the first floor.

We are available every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 till 12:00 in Pod number F15 for a friendly chat or to offer advice on certain areas of business and entreprenuership. Come and see us if you have any questions.

Also feel free to email us or call us with questions. We we always try our upmost to provide you with an answer or point you in the direction of an expert.

Dog Bowls on the Ground Floor, The Hub

Dog Bowl & meeting space, First Floor, The Hub

Add+ Vantage

Add+ Vantage modules are a compulsory part of your degree and if you happen to choose a business or enterprise related module we are able to provide advice to better the skills and learning outcomes you can gain from your module.

Believe it or not the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship runs some of the most interesting Add+ Vantage modules for anyone interested in getting a hands on approach to enterprise. These modules give you the opportunity to gain experience that you wouldn't necessarily gain on your degree course hence giving you an advantage over other graduates when you come to receive your degree. Once more modules are valuable, don't make the wrong decision, you only get to study 3 modules across your degree course so choose wisely. To see what modules the IAE provides visit their site.